RingEdge 2

Welcome to the sub-site for RingEdge 2 games. What started as a simple desire to start games outside of dev mode turned into an incredibly deep dive into the inner workings of the RE2 software. Enjoy.

Brief glossary

RingEdge 2 The arcade system this sub-site focuses on. Sometimes abbreviated RE2.
RingEdge The predecessor to the RE2. While not directly documented, the majority of things that apply to RE2 also apply to RE. Sometimes abbreviated RE.
RingWide A less powerful arcade system based on the RingEdge series. Sometimes abbreviated RW.
Nu The successor to the RingEdge 2. Not documented here, and a substantially different system.
ALLS The successor to Nu. Not documented here, and even moreso different. Not to be confused with ALL.Net
Ring* Used to simultaniously refer to RingWide, RingEdge, and RingEdge 2
Ring Sometimes used in lieu of Ring* when lazy
EDGE2 The official codename for RingEdge 2
Madoka The official codename for RingEdge
Renge The official codename for RingWide
JVS JAMMA Video Standard. Unless specified otherwise, this refers to JVS version 2.
RS232C A modified JVS-like framing many SEGA-made serial devices uses
ALL.Net Ammusement Live Linkage Network. The networking system sega use for both game updates and user data.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to RingEdge 2
    1. Hardware
      1. JVS
      2. Touchscreen
    2. Software
      1. PCP
        1. libpcp
      2. Device drivers
        1. kbfilter
        2. geminifs
        3. columba
        4. mxcmos
        5. mxhwreset
        6. mxjvs
        7. mxparallel
        8. mxsmbus
        9. mxsram
        10. mxsram_pci_isa_bridge
        11. mxsram_pcmcia
        12. mxsuperio
        13. mxusbdevice
      3. Security
      4. GrooveMaster.ini
    3. Manual
      1. Error Codes
      2. Keychip Modding
    4. Misc
      1. SEGA Partition Structure