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Case Studies
Thyme (Frontend)
Thyme is video streaming service with the aim of providing a platform that weighs community interaction as strongly as providing the actual content. Currently under hiatus while other developers on the project are busy, the site so far allows for registration and the likes as well as video uploading.
TWOW Online (Frontend)
TWOW Online takes the concept of a simple game-show that was presented over YouTube, and creates an interactive site allowing users to run their own mini versions of the game-show. Built using react.js, the site has been designed to also be usable as a desktop application allowing us to reach a wider audience. TWOW Online is under active development currently.
2b2t.online (Fullstack)
2b2t.online is a community website for the popular anarchy Minecraft server, 2b2t. As well as its primary purpose of listing coordinates of bases that people have created, the site provides commenting on all posts, and even a micro-blogging section where members can post to the "newsfeed". The backend of the site is built using express on node.js, but I also wrote a small implementation of the Minecraft server protocol to allow members to verify their accounts by connecting to a server in-game. 2b2t.online is actively being developed at current.
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